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New Advanced Mobility Curriculum Coming To Detroit's Wayne State University

It has just been announced that Detroit's Wayne State University is offering a new curriculum to it's list of master's program... Master's in mobility. Due to the skills needed to support the new era of mobility, the auto industry is transitioning away from selling fossil fuel burning vehicles to providing transportation services with automated, connected and electrified vehicles.

This requires auto manufacturer's like FORD, to make cuts to it's workforce by 7000 employees! That's a huge number, but in order to remain competitive and lean in this ever evolving world of technology, tough decisions need to be made.

This also creates new opportunities for the workforce to focus on re-tooling and upgrading their skill-set, to meet the demand of autonomous vehicles and digitally connected communities.

How will this impact IT training and certification companies and what types of courses can be offered to assist the community in preparing for the future of mobility? Lastly, how can IT training companies assist the Michigan Mobility Institute in introducing these mobility concepts to the youth in our communities and articulate the immediate need of highly skilled mobility trained individuals?

We'd love to hear from the experts...

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