Course Objectives

1 Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
Objective group 1: Create and manage worksheets and workbooks
Objective 1.1: Create worksheets and workbooks
Objective 1.2: Navigate in worksheets and workbooks
Objective 1.3: Format worksheets and workbooks
Objective 1.4: Customize options and views for worksheets and workbooks
Objective 1.5: Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution
Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Manage Data Cells and Ranges
Objective 2.1: Insert data in cells and ranges
Objective 2.2: Format cells and ranges
Objective 2.3: Summarize and organize data

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Create Tables
Objective 3.1: Create and manage tables
Objective 3.2: Manage table styles and options
Objective 3.3: Filter and sort tables
Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Perform operations by using formulas and functions
Objective 4.1: Summarize data by using functions
Objective 4.2: Perform conditional operations by using functions
Objective 4.3: Format and modify text by using functions
Skills review
Practice tasks

5 Create charts and objects
Objective 5.1: Create charts
Objective 5.2: Format charts
Objective 5.3: Insert and format objects
Skills review
Practice tasks


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