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Microsoft Excel 2019

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Course Objectives

1 Create and format workbooks
Objective 1: Set up a workbook
Objective 2:  Work with data and Excel tables
Objective 3: Perform calculations on data
Objective 4: Change workbook appearance

Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Analyze and present data
Objective 1: Manage worksheet data
Objective 2: Reorder and summarize data
Objective 3: Combine data from multiple sources

Objective 4: Analyze alternative data sets

Objective 5: Create charts and graphics

Objective 6: Use PivotTables and PivotCharts

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Collaborate and share in Excel
Objective 1: Print worksheets and charts
Objective 2: Automate repetitive tasks using macros
Objective 3: Work with other Microsoft Office apps

Objective 4: Collaborate with colleagues
Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Perform Advance Analysis
Objective 1: Perform business intelligence analysis
Objective Create forecasts and visualizations

Skills review
Practice tasks


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