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Microsoft Outlook 2019

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Course Objectives

1 Manage Outlook settings and processes

Objective 1: Customize Outlook settings

Objective 2:  Configure mail settings
Objective 3: Perform search operations

Objective 4: Print and save information

Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Manage messages
Objective 1: Create messages
Objective 2: Insert message content
Objective 3: Organize and manage messages

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Manage schedules
Objective 1: Create and manage calendars
Objective 2: Create appointments, meetings and events
Objective 3: Organize appointments, meetings and events

Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Manage contacts and tasks

Objective 1: Create and manage contact records
Objective 2: Create and manage contact groups 

Objective 3: Create and manage tasks

Skills review
Practice tasks

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