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Microsoft Word 2019

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Course Objectives

1 Get started with Word 2019

Objective 1: Word 2019 basics

Objective 2:  Create and manage documents
Objective 3: Enter and edit text

Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Create professional documents
Objective 1: Modify the structure and appearance of text
Objective 2: Organize information in columns and tables
Objective 3: Add simple graphic elements

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Enhance document content
Objective 1: Insert and modify diagrams and 3D models
Objective 2: Insert and modify charts
Objective 3: Format document elements 

Objective 4: Organize and arrange content

Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Review and finalize documents

Objective 1: Collaborate on documents
Objective 2: Finalize and distribute documents

Skills review
Practice tasks

5 Use advanced Word functions
Objective 1: Reference content and content sources

Objective 2: Merge data with documents and labels

Objective 3: Create custom document elements

Objective 4: Customize options and the user interface

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