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Microsoft Access 2019

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Course Objectives

Create and manage databases

Objective 1: Create and modify databases
Objective 2:  Manage relationships and keys
Objective 3: Navigate through a database
Objective 4: Protect and maintain databases

Objective 5: Print and export data
Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Build tables
Objective 1: Create tables
Objective 2: Manage tables
Objective 3: Manage records in tables

Objective 4: Create and modify fields

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Create queries
Objective 1: Create queries
Objective 2: Modify queries
Objective 3: Create calculated fields and grouping

Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Create Forms
Objective 1: Create forms
Objective 2: Configure form controls

Objective 3: Format forms
Skills review
Practice tasks

5 Create Reports
Objective 1: Create reports

Objective 2: Configure report controls

Objective 3: Format reports

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