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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

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Course Objectives

1 Manage presentations

Objective 1: Modify slide, handouts and notes masters

Objective 2:  Change presentation options and views
Objective 3: Configure print settings for presentations
Objective 4: Configure and present slideshows

Objective 5: Prepare presentations for collaboration
Skills review
Practice tasks

2 Manage slides
Objective 1: Create tables
Objective 2: Manage tables
Objective 3: Manage records in tables

Objective 4: Create and modify fields

Skills review 

Practice tasks

3 Insert and format text, shapes and images
Objective 1: Format text
Objective 2: Insert links
Objective 3: Insert and format images

Objective 4: Insert and format graphic elements

Objective 5: Order and group objects on slides

Skills review
Practice tasks

4 Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, 3D models and 


Objective 1: Insert and format tables
Objective 2: Insert and modify charts

Objective 3: Insert and format SmartArt graphics

Objective 4: Insert and modify 3D models

Objective 5: Insert and manage media
Skills review
Practice tasks

5 Apply transitions sand animations
Objective 1: Apply and configure slide transitions

Objective 2: Animate slide content

Objective 3: Set timing for transitions

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