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Making a Difference

At Impact Strategies Computer Knowledge Centers, we offer a variety of technology courses that prepare 
you for future success.  From the beginning computer user, those seeking a career in IT or even Corporate Training for the tenured professional, we offer instruction in Business Soft Skills Courses, Microsoft Office, Cyber-Security, Programming and other emerging technology and certifications. 

Why choose Impact Strategies as your IT training provider? It's Simple... Our instructors are professionals who have decades of industry experience. Additionally, our students can earn professional credentials and certifications that will enhance their marketability, increasing their chances of employment.

Staffing Agency's Report that 50% of Certified Candidates are more likely to be hired full-time and earn 10% more in wages,  while 91% of hiring managers consider certification a criterion for hiring.

Student Certification Championship

Get Microsoft Office Certified and increase your income 

Remote Learning or Instructor-led Face to Face options now available...


IT Training & Certification

Instructor-led / Online Live / Self - Paced

Cyber Security Training and Certification

Boot-Camps & Hackathons


Developer - Database - IT Infrastructure


IT Pro Courses

Windows Server         Networking         Mobility and Devices         Cloud Fundamentals        HTML5 App

Get Certified

Energy Efficiency Consultation

97% of employers value certification enough to provide support for IT employees obtaining IT certification.

91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process and that IT certifications are a reliable predictor of a successful employee.

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Preparation + Opportunity = Success.

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